Medellín Bus Timetables

Buses Heading North (Terminal Del Norte)

AEROPUERTO JOSE MARIA CORDOVA45 MinutesRapido Medellin Rionegro$6,500from 5:30am (every half hour) until 10:00pm1,22304112
AEROPUERTO JOSE MARIA CORDOVA45 MinutesTransporte Chachafruto$6,000from 4:15am1,25310780 Ext.103 2307419
AEROPUERTO JOSE MARIA CORDOVA45 MinutesFlota Rionegro$6,000from 5:30am (every half hour) until 10:00pm22667330
BARRANQUILLA14 hoursEXPRESO BRASLIA$120,000 but good chance of discount5:00am 7:00am 10:00am 2:00pm 6:00pm 8:10pm2418000518001
BARRANQUILLA14 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$120,000 but good chance of discount9:15am 1:00pm 7:00pm 9:00pm22,234448888 - 2308998
BARRANQUILLA14 hoursUNITRANSCO$120,000 but good chance of discount6:00am 8:00am 10:00pm314395442 - 4362132
BOGOTA12 hoursCOONORTE$55,0006:00am 12:00 midday 7:45pm 8:45pm10,27,37,433696760 Ext. 200 , 201
BOGOTA12 hoursEMPRESA ARAUCA$56,0007:00am 10:40am 1:00pm 8:00pm 10:00pm283611607
BOGOTA12 hoursEXPRESO BOLIVARIANOPRICES BETWEEN $55.000, $60.000, $65.000 (BUS 2 LEVELS) $70.000 (BUS 2 LEVELS FIRST CLASS)6:40am 8:20am 9:00am 11:30am 2:45pm 8:20pm 9:00pm 11:30pm254364068 - 6042295
BOGOTA12 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$65,0002:00pm 6:30pm 9:30pm 11:00pm242309931 - 230 97 61
BOGOTA12 hoursFLOTA MAGDALENA$55,0005:00am 8:15am 10:00am 12:30pm 2:15pm 3:15pm 6:15pm 8:00pm 10:00pm 11:15pm362309452
BOGOTA12 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$60,00006:00am 6:30am 8:00am 8:15am 9:30am 10:15am 12:00 midday 3:15pm 5:00pm 6:15pm 7:10pm 8:30pm 9:00pm 10:15pm 11:15pm22,233610037 - 4448888
BOGOTA12 hoursRAPIDO TOLIMA$60,000 - $65,00005:30am 9:00am 1:30pm 12:00 midday 3:00pm 5:15pm 6:00pm 8:15pm 9:00pm 10:00pm 11:15pm26,352308195 - 230 9391
BARRANQUILLA13 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$120,000 but good chance of discount5:00am 7:00am 10:00am 2:00pm 6:00pm 10:00pm242303391 - 25309761
BARRANQUILLA13 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$120,000 but good chance of discount9:15am 1:00pm 4:00pm 7:00pm 9:00pm22,234448888 - 2308998
BARRANQUILLA13 hoursUNITRANSCO$120,000 but good chance of discount06:00am 9:00am 12:00 midday 3:00pm 6:00pm 9:00pm314365442 - 4362132
BARRANQUILLA13 hoursRAPIDO TOLIMA$120,000 but good chance of discount5:00am 8:00am 11:00am 2:30pm 6:00pm 9:30pm26,352308195 - 2309391
BUCARAMANGA8 hoursCOPETRAN$55,0006:30am 8:00am 8:30am 11:30am 1:00pm 4:00pm 7:00pm162301119 - 2607023
BUCARAMANGA8 hoursESPRESO BOLIVARIANO$55,0006:00am 8:30am 9:15am 10:00am 11:15am 12:00 midday 2:30pm 6:30pm 9:30pm 11:00pm254364058 - 2607023
BUCARAMANGA8 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$52,0007:00am 8:00am 10:00am 10:40am 12:30pm 2:50pm 4:15pm242309931 - 2309871
BUCARAMANGA8 hoursTRANSPORTES OMEGA$55,0007:15am 8:15am 10:30am 3:00pm 9:30pm212309162
CARTAGENA13 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$110,00010:30am 11:30am 3:30pm 4:30pm 6:00pm 8:00pm 9:30pm 10:45pm242309931 - 2309761
CARTAGENA13 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$110,0009:00am 12:30pm 3:00pm 6:00pm22,234448888 - 2308998
CARTAGENA13 hoursUNITRANSCO$150,00011:00am 1:00pm 4:30pm 10:00pm314365442
CUCUTA15 hoursTRANSPORTES OMEGA$80,00010:00am 3:30pm 5:00pm 6:30pm 8:00pm 10:00pm212309162
GUATAPE2 hoursSotrapeñol$9,000Every half hour from 6:30am until 8:00pm 8:45pm93208814
GUATAPE2 hourssotrasanvicente$10,000Every 45 minutes from 5:00am until 9:45pm142309237
MAGANGUE11 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$103,0008:45pm242309761 -230 9931
MAGANGUE11 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$103,0007:15pm 8:20pm22,234448888 - 2308998
MOCOA18 hoursCOOMOTOR$102,00010:30pm123611512 -3696760
MOMPOS12 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$110,0008:30pm 10:00pm22,234448888 - 2398998
NECOCLI13 hoursCOOTRANSUROCCIDENTE$70,0005:00am 7:30am 8:30am 9:45am 11:00am 12:30pm 2:00pm 3:30pm 4:45pm 7:45pm 8:30pm, 10:00pm, 11:00pm344486641
NECOCLI13 hoursSATRAURABA$70,0005:00am 7:30am 8:30am 9:45am 11:00am 12:30pm 2:00pm 3:30pm 4:45pm, 7:45pm 8:30pm 10:00pm 11:00pm13,192309696 - 2305859
NEIVA9 hoursCOOMOTOR$74,000 - $89,0003:30pm 6:30pm 8:00pm 9:30pm122608458 3176369322
NEIVA9 hoursEXPRESO BOLIVARIANO$73,00019:30pm254364068 - 6042295
NEIVA9 hoursFLOTA MAGDALENA$73,0006:30pm 8:30pm 9:45pm362309452 - 4443119
SANTA MARTA14 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$120,0008:00pm 10:00pm242309761 - 2309931
SANTA MARTA14 hoursRAPIDO OCHOA$100,000, $106,000, $120,0009:15am 1:00pm 7:00pm 9:00pm22,234448888 - 2308998
SANTA MARTA14 hoursUNITRANSCO$120,0007:00am 2:00pm 6:00pm 10:00pm24-314365442 - 4362132
TOLU5 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$97,00010:00pm24-314365442 - 4362132
TOLU5 hoursEXPRESO BRASILIA$97,000, $81,000, $86,000, $83,0005:00am 9:15pm 5:30pm 11:15pm22-234448888 - 2308998
TOLU5 hoursUNITRANSCO$97,0006:30pm 10:00pm314365442 - 4362135