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Purple Monkey Hostel,
Calle 12 #43D-94,
Barrio Manila, El Poblado, Medellin


Tel: (574) 266 9568

Medellin Hostal

Welcome to Purple Monkey hostel Medellin, situated in the El Poblado district of Medellin and just a short walk from the best nightlife in Parque Lleras.
Medellin Hostal
Purple Monkey Hostel | Medellin’s Best Hostel | Call 574 266 9568 | Medellin Hostal.

Great hostel, clean, great hot showers, comfy beds, friendly staff.

Perfect location close to the Metro and restaurants and coffee shops, about 10 minutes from Parcque Lleras nightlife definitely recommend.
axi from the airport ($65.000 pesos set rate, 45 minutes) A taxi is the quickest and easiest way to arrive but you pay a large premium for the 45 minute journey.

If there are 3 or more of you this is the recommended option. Tell the taxi driver “Manila, El Poblado”Some taxi drivers work for commission and so will swear that the place is closed.

Don’t listen to them.Bus from the airport ($9.000 pesos, 60 minutes), plus cost of Metro ($2.000, 10 minutes)Collectivo buses are available, charge $9.000 pesos and will drop you in the centre of town. Tell the driver “Estacion Exposiciones”.

The journey will take about an hour and drop you off at the Metro station Exposiciones.

From here take the Metro line south (in the direction of La Estrella) for 2 stops. Get off at station Poblado and follow the walking directions below.If you miss the stop don’t worry – the terminous of this bus route is in Parque Berrio, one block from the Metro.

Once you arrive ask the driver “donde esta el metro”This is the recommended option for solo travellers or groups of 2 people.Walking from the Metro (5 minutes)Although Medellin is full of hills don’t worry – we have the closest hostel to Poblado station in the whole city.

Leave the station and turn right. You will walk over a foot bridge and heading down, lots of food vendors.

Cross the busy main road, walk under the bridge and continue to head up the hill with the Exito supermarket on your right.

Once at the crossing at the supermarket cross the road (Calle 10), turning on to Carrera 43F walk three blocks, the first which being Calle 11 street where you will pass the ROC’ House on your right.

Once you get to Calle 12 turn right and the hostel can be found on your left, one and a bit blocks up the hill.